Monday, January 5, 2015

Huffington Post.

I am terribly delighted to announce that my essay, On the Eve of Seeing My Mother, Who is No Longer There, has now been published on The Huffington Post. It is a slightly different version than that which was published on HelloGiggles, which was slightly different than the original posted essay on my blog. Oh the metamorphosis of words...

At any rate, I am so excited for my year to have started off on such a high note. And I know how proud my mother would have been. As a terrible snoop who would go into my room and read through all my notebooks and any unfinished manuscripts she could find (and there were lots,) she was more or less my #1 fan when it came to my writing. Thank you for snooping supporting me, Mom.

my mother as a little girl.

And for anyone just joining me here, I'd love to direct you to my tragically neglected mixed media blog, Rococo Vintage. As I've been maturing and my life has been changing so much over the years (and I sadly just don't have the time to put together such elaborate posts all the time... and device screens have changed so much that dpi and screen ratios are all over the place, which makes handwritten/collage posts tricky) I've been thinking about somehow blending the two here, and perhaps reposting some of my favorite posts. Hmm. Things to think about. We shall see.

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