Sunday, December 7, 2014


I am thrilled and incredibly honored to report that an updated version of my essay, On The Eve of Seeing My Mother, Who is No Longer There, was published on HelloGiggles as Notes on My Mother, Who Has Alzheimer's Disease this past Monday. The bulk of the essay is largely the same, but there is an updated portion beginning on page 4 that details where we are now in the struggle, and what I've learned from it as of today.

My momma and her momma in the 1940's.

"Unlike our minds, unlike our memories, our hearts are infinite."

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  1. Rebecca - I found your essay on The Huffington Post. It is so beautifully written. Forgive me for saying it (I should really forgive myself as it makes me sound so old...) but your words are incredibly gifted for one so young. I write about my own journey with my mom and her Alzheimer's at It is not always a comfort to read of another's similar struggles but I thoroughly enjoyed reading yours. Thank you.