Thursday, November 8, 2012

to all my sisters in arms.

to all my sisters in arms.

a chapter five follow up.

    Women fought, and women won! (And awesome people in general; I don't want to discount all the phenomenal men who voted, of course, but naturally, broadly sweeping feminist exclamations like the one I just made are so much more fun to write.) I am so proud of us all, and so filled with love and joy and hope for our country. I want to both congratulate us all on our victory, and to remind us (and perhaps myself most of all) to not simply sit back prettily upon our laurels now that the election is over; let us spend the next four years reaching out, and educating, and appealing to our sisters who might be living inside of different lifestyles and minds; let us hold our president accountable for protecting our rights and pushing back against the right wing extremists; let us keep this from happening again in another four years. 

    I wish the most heartfelt of thank you's to all my friends -- both new and old -- for all of the support I received in response to my essay, rape, reality, and the election. I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback and all the loving words (I was most pleasantly surprised to receive none of the negative backlash that I had expected) and am so grateful for the number of times the essay was shared. You are all wonderful, and you made all the nervousness, trembling, and bright-red-facedness that went into the writing and posting of that piece well worth it. From the bottom of my full full heart, thank you.

    And now, a mini-PSA: I want to write a bit more about a form of trauma intervention treatment that I had mentioned in my essay. Using EMDR along with standard therapy worked miracles on my mind and heart, and I strongly urge anyone who has suffered any kind of trauma -- be it assault, a car accident, childhood abuse, the ravages of war, et cetera -- to look into this kind of treatment. The EMDR Institute has a wealth of information on what EMDR is and where trained providers can be found. There is hope for you -- so much more hope than you know -- and this tool is truly a magical one. (Like Harry Potter, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and Lord of the Rings style magical all rolled into one.)

So much love and so much light and so much joy and pride. xxo!

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